What to Look for When Buying Sofa Sets

Sofa sets are the focal point of living rooms. It’s also considered as a loveseat by most people. From designer sofas to chic chaises to oversized comfy spots, you’ll definitely find many options in stores that sell sofa sets in different colors, styles, materials and construction. But remember that how the sofa looks should not be the reason for you to buy it.

what to look for when buying sofa sets

Sofa sets need to be durable for everyday use because you put a fairly high demand on their padding, frame, springs and cover material. You should always look at a sofa’s features for you to determine if it has the quality. You can use the following as your criteria:

  1. High Quality Upholstered Furniture

High quality construction separates low quality sofa furniture from the great ones. From the first moment you sit on it, you’ll instantly realize if it is quality upholstered furniture.

  • Frame Construction

The basis for a sofa is the frame used to construct it. Basically, sofas have a skeleton intended to bear load, usually made of solid wood. If the sofa has hard wood as its frames, it can stand for years of hefty use.

  • Springs

Springs are primarily the ones responsible in keeping a sofa comfortable. They’ll give you the basis for its padding to be integrated to its frame. Sofas normally use steel springs for springy comfort and good support. Some sofas use back springs, too. Springs are usually covered with mats of the padding material to stop them from rubbing other parts of the sofa, pressing through your back or seat and making noise.

  • Padding

Quality sofas use padding with multiple layers. Springs will form the basis for the padding’s bottom layer. They are mostly covered with breathable foam in several layers attached to each other. High quality couches combine softer and firm foam layers to make it feel soft and sturdy.

  • Upholstery

Upholstery is a matter of your taste. Your personal preferences will help you choose from microfiber upholstery sofa material, leather sofa or other options. Choose upholstery depending on your preferences or how you’re going to use your sofa. For those who have allergies, you can choose non-toxic materials.

  1. Upholstery

High quality sofas will never let you experience any frayed or busted seams. Upholstery should be evenly stitched. Different upholstery types and fabrics wear in many ways. You can feel the quality of leather sofa by simply touching if it’s supple, comfortable and soft. Natural material lasts longer as long as it’s not directly exposed to sunlight. Fabric upholstery material tends to wear faster. Cotton fabrics and textiles pill over time.

  1. Soft Padding for Comfort

Today’s sofas are more comfy and cozy because of thick padding. Designer furniture is made with straight, striking lines. Sleeker, thinner padding can be appealing but it won’t be a cozy place for you for too long because it will eventually sink down. Good quality sofa sets have even padding all over the furniture.

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