Selecting a High Quality Sink

Your kitchen is the center of your home. Because of this popular consideration, many people are investing their energy and money just to make their kitchens perfect. Nowadays, many homeowners are remodeling their kitchens as well as installing new granite countertops.

selecting a high quality sink

If you’re currently planning to have your kitchen remodeled, this will require you to replace your old kitchen sink into a quality one. As a smart buyer, you must have the idea of how you can select a high quality sink for your kitchen. Here are some tips for you to remember:

  • Function

In selecting your new kitchen sink, you should not only base your selection on how it looks. Consider important factors like its design’s functionality and your kitchen’s available space. Think about the space available where the sink may fit by taking the exact measurement of your sink space. The depth of your kitchen is also a consideration to ensure that you’ll be comfortable in washing large pans. Deeper sinks can accommodate more items and can avoid the splashing out of water.

  • Style

To select a high quality sink, you should also know the 3 types of sinks that may suit your kitchen.

  1. Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are the most popular among the types of kitchen sinks because they are very advantageous. This type is raised in from under, with no overlapping edge that would surround countertops. Cleanups will be easier and there’s low possibility of mold and dirt. It takes more effort in terms of installation and it may only be compatible with a waterproof countertop. It also has two separate basins, one bigger than the other.

  1. Top Mounted Sink

Top mounted sinks are also called drop in sinks. The main advantage of this type of sink is that it’s very cost-effective from the rest. However, sanitation is not that easy to keep. These are available in double bowl or single bowl.

  1. Apron Front Sink

An apron front sink is also known as farmhouse sink. It looks very appealing and attractive to kitchens with old world or rustic décor. It has one large basin with its faucet installed either to the wall or the countertop.

  • Materials

Kitchen sink are usually stainless steel. Stainless steel is very desirable as a kitchen material especially for sinks because it’s light, durable and strong. Stainless steel also has perfect shiny finish and it is resistant to rust.

Enamel sinks are also a popular choice because they have an essentially glossy surface. They are appealing because there are many colors to choose from for different design palettes. This type of sink material is less expensive. However, it’s prone to chipping.

Fireclay and porcelain are the less common types of kitchen sink material. Though they’re very appealing to the eyes, both are prone to cracking or chipping if there’s too much weight dropping on them. Other sink materials include stone, glass, marble, concrete and granite.

In order for you to select a high quality sink for your kitchen, you should know its function, style, size and material so that it will not only be visually appealing for your kitchen design but also a durable one, providing you comfort and convenience.

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