Countertop Materials

The kitchen countertop materials that you choose for your own kitchen renovation will definitely have a huge impact right on the overall look as well as function of your kitchen. You surely want the texture and color to complement the other materials in the room. Depending on how you utilize your kitchen, there are some countertop materials that are more durable than the others.

countertop materials

Here are some of the countertop materials you can consider.

Solid Surfacing

The solid surface countertops have the advantage of being maintenance-free. The burns and scratches can be sanded in order to keep the counters looking new. There are long lists of finishes and colors available, thus making it a breeze to customize the overall look of your kitchen.


This is considered as the most common choice for countertops and with good reason. Natural stone can be found in wide range of patterns and colors, thus making it easier to find unique look for different projects.

Stainless Steel

For sleek and modern look, this countertop material is the best option. Since it is resistant to both bacteria and heat, it is the most durable option that is easy to maintain. The stainless can dent most especially if you are tough. The fingerprints can become a nuisance too. Knowing that the countertops are customized, this countertop material can be very expensive.


This is among the hardest stones available and is absolutely durable and only requires a little maintenance. The quartz countertops are naturally scratch and scorch resistant. Its nonporous surfaces never need to be sealed and are maintenance-free.

Carrara Marble

Marble definitely lends elegant and classic look to any kitchen. The cost of Carrara marble is reasonable compared to some other natural stone materials. Since it is high susceptible to stains, this countertop material is not the best option for the hardworking kitchens.

Butcher Block

With its natural and warm look, the butcher block is perfect in cottage or country kitchens. The scratches can be sanded, or even left for the time-worn patina. Even though the material is relatively expansive, it does not need frequent disinfecting as well as coiling just to protect the surface.


The laminate countertops remain as the most economic surface option. They come in wide variety of textures and colors. Aside from that, this countertop material is also the least durable and susceptible to any stain, scratches and burns most especially if not cared for properly.

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