Choosing the Right Type of Coffee Maker

So you say that five cups is the least amount of coffee you drink each day? Do you even drink more than ten cups of coffee per day? If you just said ‘yes’ to those questions, there is no doubt that you are a certified coffee lover. If this is the case, you should also have the right coffee-making machine which will prepare your favorite drink. With so many different brands of such machine, how do you choose the right type of coffee maker? Continue reading and find out how.

Here are two factors you should take into consideration if you want to take home the most suitable coffee maker for your needs:
coffee maker 1
Check its extraction capability

When you say ‘extraction’ with regards to coffee makers, this refers to the machine’s function of pulling the water through the coffee grounds. As its name suggests, this process extracts the oils and flavors from the coffee beans, and then eventually mixes the extracts into hot water. On a more technical note, the extraction level should be equivalent to the total weight of the coffee grounds dissolved into the water. Simply, if you notice that the coffee drink it produces is quite lighter than the expected darkness, you could say that the machine’s extraction capability is not that powerful, and therefore, you will be wasting a lot of remaining flavors from your premium quality coffee beans.

Pay close attention to the ‘brew strength’

Brew strength incorporates the entire amount of solids dissolved in your coffee. In simpler explanation, this refers to the level of the coffee concentration. Similar to the by-product of the extraction process, brew strength may also be noted by means of the coffee drink’s appearance. Brew strength may produce strong coffee to watery. If you love drinking strongly blended coffee, you should opt for the coffee maker with high level of brew strength. To find the right one, you simply have to make a comparison of the coffee different machines produce. The stronger blend a coffee maker produces; the higher its brew strength is. Such a coffee maker will certainly satisfy your desire for strongly-blended coffee drink.

These are only two of several things that you should remember when choosing the right coffee maker. Planning to purchase a coffee-making machine soon? Take note of these suggestions and you are sure to end up with the most suitable coffee maker for you.

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